Books Are Our Bag

Mike Richards

September 12th 2013 by Mike Richards

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This Saturday, on September 14th, the Books Are My Bag campaign will launch. Today we finally took delivery of enough bags for everyone at Egmont and a few besides and I don’t mind telling you that I’ve been envious of the booky folk lucky enough to snaffle one early. Even Michael Grant (pictured) – despite being number one in the charts with LIGHT, the sixth book in the GONE series when that photo was taken – had to borrow one for the shot.


But that’s not to say that this is an exclusive promotion. In fact, it could barely be more inclusive. Books Are My Bag is all about celebrating both the book and the bookshop. I love it because it’s all about the good stuff; reveling in the joy of browsing the shelves of a great bookshop, striking up a conversation with fellow shoppers or enthusiastic staff; and falling headfirst into the story on the pages of the book in your hands – it’s a very positive message and one that puts its finger on the unique passions that a great book can stir.


At Egmont, we’re on record as having said that we’re committed to publishing across formats and devices. And that’s absolutely true; we see ourselves in the role of connecting authors, characters and readers. So the first consideration for us is the story, and we want to bring stories to life for children however they want to engage with it. Nevertheless, you’d have to work hard to find people more passionate about the physical book than the ones who surround me at the office right now.


We’re big fans of bookshops too, and we fully support this campaign to promote them. Our authors, illustrators and characters regularly benefit from the support of great bookshops and great booksellers, which often helps to build the careers of new writers. And we try to make sure that we support bookshops by maintaining their connections with authors once their books have taken off. So far this year our authors and characters have visited hundreds of bookshops across the country. Michael Grant’s tour for LIGHT in the spring saw him visit bookshops in London, Birmingham, Windsor, Cheltenham, Plymouth, Salisbury, Poole, and Dublin; and David Levithan’s forthcoming Every Day tour will see him meeting fans in London, Bath, Leeds, Newcastle, Dublin and Cheltenham.


If books are your bag, you can follow the campaign with these links – and in your local bookshop.

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