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Michael Grant’s dudeai??i??s guide to writing YA

Alison David

April 3rd 2013 by Alison David

  Michael Grant, the bestselling author of the Gone and BZRK series, joins us in the UK this month for the launch of Light, the thrilling final installment of the Gone series. Between them, he and his wife (Katherine Applegate) have written over 100 books so, when it comes to writing advice, he knows what […]

To Celebrate World Book Day: Five Hundred Reasons…

Cally Poplak

March 7th 2013 by Cally Poplak

To celebrate World Book Day, let me share the insights of Isaac Bashevis Singer, which are pinned up by my desk…Ai??Ai?? There are five hundred reasons why I began to write for children, but to save time I will mention only ten of them. Children read books, not reviews.Ai?? They donai??i??t give a hoot about […]

How do you make reading exciting? Just listen.

Gillian Laskier

February 21st 2013 by Gillian Laskier

I was privileged to take part in a paired reading scheme at a local school organised by Egmont recently. I had forgotten the joy and frustrationAi?? ofAi?? being a six-year-old ai??i?? my own children having passed that particular milestone a decade or more ago and enjoying a whole raft of other joys and frustrations. At […]

Reports of the death of print are greatly exaggerated

Cally Poplak

February 19th 2013 by Cally Poplak

Iai??i??m a childrenai??i??s book publisher, and until this century, Iai??i??ve used a piece of technology called the book to deliver authorsai??i?? stories to their readers. And, because itai??i??s a very good technology, the printed book has served authors and publishers extremely well for over 500 years. However, as a childrenai??i??s specialist, Iai??i??m passionate about turning […]

From page to stage, big screen to small: War Horse

Tim Jones

February 14th 2013 by Tim Jones

One of the great things about working at a childrenai??i??s publisher is the opportunity to give a child the gift of reading. Itai??i??s a gift that never wears out, doesnai??i??t need batteries and is endlessly rewarding. However, reading has intense competition for childrenai??i??s time. Boys in particular would often rather play football or a video […]