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Stories Still Lie at the Heart of a Family Christmas

Alison David

December 20th 2013 by Alison David

A consistent theme throughout our Reading Street study has been time, or the lack of it. The parents we’ve spoken to think children’s reading is very important, but find that their hectic everyday lives mean that they struggle to find the time. But, this fourth Chapter of our Reading Street study with its focus on […]

Can we boost reading by recovering the lost art of being still?

Alison David

November 1st 2013 by Alison David

It won’t come as a surprise to you that a recurring theme in the first two chapters of our Reading Street study (Reading and Home and Reading and School) has been the influence of the digital world. Both the parents and the teachers we’ve spoken to have said that the rise in children’s time spent […]

Books Are Our Bag

Mike Richards

September 12th 2013 by Mike Richards

  This Saturday, on September 14th, the Books Are My Bag campaign will launch. Today we finally took delivery of enough bags for everyone at Egmont and a few besides and I don’t mind telling you that I’ve been envious of the booky folk lucky enough to snaffle one early. Even Michael Grant (pictured) – […]

Exclusive teaching methods deny children a full opportunity to develop all necessary reading concepts and skills

Judith Williams, Specialist Teacher and Diagnostic Assessor DipSLD, BEd with distinction in practical teaching

July 23rd 2013 by Judith Williams, Specialist Teacher and Diagnostic Assessor DipSLD, BEd with distinction in practical teaching

Fundamentally, literacy is to provide meaning. I have read your new Reading Street Report with interest, and would like to offer these comments. Firstly, having now become a Specialist Teacher/Diagnostic Assessor of all age groups, with a diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties, I must stress that what works with dyslexic children will work with all students, which helps in the inclusive system imposed upon modern teachers. Additionally, I spent more than thirty years as a classroom teacher and as such experienced the introduction of the National Curriculum and the National Literacy Strategy and various approaches to […]

Having a well-stocked library, with a passionate school librarian who knows the books, the students and how to match the two, is vital

Clare Harnett, Librarian, Burlington Danes Academy

July 22nd 2013 by Clare Harnett, Librarian, Burlington Danes Academy

As a school librarian, I have heard ‘reading is boring’ or ‘I don’t like books’ from many different students over the years. But there is a moment when you get that ‘Oh my God, it was brilliant, Miss! Where’s the next book?’ response from a student, maybe one previously uninterested in reading, and especially one […]