From page to stage, big screen to small: War Horse

Tim Jones

February 14th 2013 by Tim Jones

One of the great things about working at a childrena��s publisher is the opportunity to give a child the gift of reading. Ita��s a gift that never wears out, doesna��t need batteries and is endlessly rewarding. However, reading has intense competition for childrena��s time. Boys in particular would often rather play football or a video game than curl up with a book. So whata��s the solution?

War horse 1As the publishing industry faces the challenge of our digital future, our products need to be fully immersive. They need to provide readers with a holistic experience. They need to go beyond the story.A�Our new War Horse app has the full text of the novel together withA�aA�carefully curated interactive timeline that tells the real story of World War I. If you are interested in a particular element in the story, you can access a wealth of material – documents, maps, video, audio – with a simple tap on the screen of an iPad.
The carefully created, interactive timeline adds layers and depth

War Horse 2You can also watch an 80-minute performance of the story by Michael Morpurgo, filmed for the app in front of a live audience. And thata��s not all – therea��s over an hour of video insights with experts and curators that adds true depth to the experience. Ita��s a whole new format to inspire todaya��s digital children to read.


Michael Morpurgoa��s wonderful story has reached many new audiences with its stage and film versions. This app will reach even more – and it may even encourage some of those boys to put down the Xbox controller and discover the wonder of reading.