The Appeal of Characters

David Riley

March 6th 2013 by David Riley

In our business we talk of brands, of properties, of licences and of characters, but to our readersA� – children and their parents – these are beloved companions, friends who keep us company, make us laugh, entertain us and sometimes even scare us.

Mr__TickleOur duty as publishers is to safeguard and cherish these properties but ita��s not to put them in glass cases and allow them to gather dust. Wea��re not museum curators.

Our readers are with us for only a few years, although hopefully the stories we tell will stay with them for life. However, if a brand is to appeal to new generations of children, it must remain fresh, appealing and fun.

How is it that Mr. Tickle is still making millions of children giggle
40 years after he was first published?

At the heart of every great childrena��s story is an original idea. Combine this with good writing, original imagery, effective storytelling and a worthwhile message and you have all the key ingredients of the magic potion that can make a classic character. Make this available on multiple platforms – not just books, magazines but ebooks and apps and you create the potential to bring timeless brands to new consumers in continually evolving ways.