We’ve all gone a bit JUJI

Mike Richards

February 26th 2013 by Mike Richards

What’s this about JUJI? Well, we love an acronym and this one is short for Jump Up and Join In, which is a fabulous new series coming to our list later this year from Carrie and David Grant. Getting children reading, tempting them up to have a dance and maybe even joining in ourselves – what’s not to like?

We were so pleased at the thought of working with Carrie and David, whose client list includes everyone from The Spice Girls to The Saturdays, that we invited them to come along to our sales conference and get the full Egmont team to jump up and join in themselves. And JUJI we did – blow-up guitars and all.

Just for fun, here’s a little video of Carrie and David teaching the Egmont team the secrets of the singing world and much, much more. We’ve helpfully edited out all the shots of our own employees making complete fools of themselves. Because we’re nice like that.